The Austrian pianist Sigrid Hagn was graduated Mag. Artium
     for piano and composition at the Vienna Academy of Music
     and Performing Arts.
     She studied with many distinguished pianists such as
     Adam Harasiewic (Poland), Vitaly Margulis (USSR) and
     Peter Feuchtwanger (England)

2005        An important highlight in her career was the highly acclaimed concert at the
                Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, on an invitation of the Austrian Embassy.


2006        The Mozarte-Quintet Salzburg was foundet by Sigrid Hagn to mark the 250th
                anniversary of Mozart's date of birth starting to perform international concerts.


2007/2008   Sigrid Hagn was selected by the Austrian Cultural Institute Istanbul, to represent
                     Austria in cooperation with the Turkish cellist Taner Türker on a concert tour
                     throughout Turkey.


2010         The Mozarte-Quintet Salzburg was invited to celebrate Istanbul the European
                 Cultural Capital. In Uchisar, a holy cave in Cappadocia, they performed the world
                 premiere of “Violett”, a piece, dedicated to the Quintet by the well-known Austrian
                 composer Gabriele Proy.


2012         Sigrid Hagn played an open air-concert at the "Festival at the Park" on the Greek
                 island of Paros.


2013         On the occasion of the European Capital of Culture in Marseille-Provence, she
                 was selected to represent Austria with her Quintet playing two concerts in
                 Aix-en- Provence.

                 Her Mozarte-Quintet performed concerts at the "International Festival Musique
                 Symphonique" in Algiers, which were broadcasted live, by the national Television

                 The program "Female Austrian Composers" was executed in Hungary, as an
                 invitation of the Austrian Cultural Forum, in Budapest.


2014         Performance of concerts in Kayseri and in Ankara at" The Arts Festival" in honour
                 of Joseph Marx.


2015         Supported by the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs,
                 Sigrid Hagn performed her program "Sounds of Exile", which is dedicated to
                 Austrian composers of the 20th century who had to emigrate to the US, in Italy at
                 the Austrian Culture Forum in Rome, in Poland at the Austrian Culture Forum of
                 Warsaw and in Ukraine, at the International Contemporary Music Festival in the
                 Philharmonie of Lemberg.


2016         A great honour for Sigrid Hagn was the invitation to perform her program
                 "Sounds of Exile" on a concert tour at Villa Aurora in Los Angeles, the Jewish
                 Public Library in Montreal, and in the Austrian Culture Forum in Washington.

2017         Supported by the Austrian Embassy in Helsinki Sigrid Hagn performes the concert program “Ariela – Jewish Women
                 Composers” at LIMUD in Helsinki.